Estrelle, The Beer For All

How could a lager from Jalisco tap into the Pride conversation in an authentic and relevant way? The answer was in our product all along. 


Anchored on the insight that non-binary individuals whose pronouns were respected were 50% less likely to commit suicide, we leveraged the fact that Spanish is a gendered language and changed our brand name to tap into the importance of the correct use of pronouns in a genuine way. 


We launched limited-edition bottles and for a week, transformed from EstrELLA to EstrELLE (elle is the best translation for they / them, essentially being the non-binary pronoun for ellos or ellas) to educate our consumers on the subject. 

Note: This idea got tabled at the last minute; only here to show conceptual thinking. 

Creative Directors Casey D'Alessandro & Steve Cady

Copywriter Hector Jamesson

Art Director Mara Frontera


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