Correcting History

One of Hollywood's thorniest controversies is the argument behind who wrote Citizen Kane. 


Orson Welles remains widely credited for the film, while only a select few have heard of Herman Mankiewicz (‘Mank’), main screenwriter of the iconic film. So, when tasked to promote Mank via a print ad in The NYT, we did it through an 80-year-old article from the same paper. 


Said article from 1941 credited Welles as the writer, but lacked any mention of Mank. So, 80 years later, we had The NYT publish a correction note, and designed that into an ad to invite people to learn more about the story of Herman Mankiewicz, the true writer of Citizen Kane.

Creative Director David Castellanos

Copywriters Hector Jamesson, Manu Del Carpio & Ricardo Sosa

Art Director Andrés Vallejo


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