The Free Speech Stamp

At the time we were briefed, a few months before the US presidential election, strong events were happening in America: The USPS was going through a budget shortage and mailboxes were being removed from the streets in broad daylight, threatening the effectiveness of the mail voting system.


So when we were asked to come up with a headline-grabbing stunt to promote the release of The Trial of The Chicago 7, we decided to entrench our idea at the intersection of reality and our film's main theme of freedom of speech.


We launched a collection of limited-edition postage stamps, which served a double purpose: promote our film by being a micro-poster that redirected to the trailer, and gave people the opportunity to provide funds to an institution through which many Americans cast their vote for the 2020 elections. 


After all, what's a more important form of freedom of speech than the right to vote without any government interference.

Creative Director - David Castellanos

Copywriter - Hector Jamesson & Manu Del Carpio

Art Director - Andrés Vallejo

stamp 4.png

Inside the Stamps


If you purchased the Tom Hayden stamp, you’ll be redirected to a trailer where he’s the protagonist. The trailer will close with the following message: 


Throughout his life, Tom Hayden was a fierce advocate for freedom of speech. And now, with this stamp, you are too. 


When the whole world is watching, we must exercise our civic duty and help our institutions. 


Thank you for your purchase. Tom Hayden would be proud.

When anyone hovers their phone over our postage stamp, they’ll get one of seven possible different trailers, each edited to have a different main character as the protagonist.

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